Michelle Kuester Editor August 25, 2017

Deb Copple is known for her realistic artwork featuring wild animals, landscapes, and western scenes and by being able to work in her picturesque home studio in rural Hubbard, it’s no wonder she is able to stay inspired.

“Sometimes I can just step outside and find something I want to draw,” she said.

Her work has won numerous awards across the country and she regularly gives and attends workshops to keep her skills sharp.

“Every year I go somewhere to work with someone to keep up with training,” Copple said. “You always learn at least one thing from everyone you work with.”

The Morningside College graduate used to work in advertising before being able to work full-time doing what she loves- art.

“Whatever career you pick, it’s often something inside of you that feels right so I enjoy everything I do with art,” she said.

Her method for drawing is exploring in nature and finding a scene that inspires her. She then photographs it and when she goes home, she pulls the image up on her computer screen and begins drawing. From there, it’s a delicate Deb Copple
game deciding when the piece of art has reached the perfect amount of doneness.

“Sometimes you can overwork something and it looks overworked,” she said. “

You have to know when to stop.” Copple’s work is on display in her home, which is available for viewing by appointment by calling 402-698-2158. Her work is also on her website at debcopple.com, and she currently has a display at the LeMars, Iowa, Art Center, 200 Central Ave. South.