It is always fun to receive a new set of pastels. You open the box with excitment and wow! All those colors so neatly packaged and labeled.  A person can be intiminated.  I don’t want to mess up this box.

How will I repace this color should it become my favorite?  After all,  I am going to use them so the labels have to come off. Then it hit me.  With the help of todays digital technology . . . photograph the open box before I touch the pastels. Does that ever eliminate the fear of breaking up the box.  Each label that came off the pastels was attached to a blank sheet of paper in the same order of the box, which matches the digital color photo. However, this  is the best part  – laminate it and you have a great element resistant color chart and reference to reorder from. With this digital image of Great American Art Works  Richard McKinley’s Landscape Pastels , I can read the label colors and numbers for reorder.

It is fun to share ideas so I would love to hear yours.