In August I was excited to work with the Wildlife Lodge and Clinic to help find a site for releasing some young raccoons. Status is as follows: just returned from checking the raccoon release site and all the raccoons are apparently off doing their thing. It was during the day and being a nocturnal animal they were no where to be seen.  When we checked on them the first day after the release there were 3 raccoons of the 7 sleeping in a big cottonwood tree. Some of them took off immediately after release and we never seen them again. That is a good thing. The little fellows pictured here soon took off after about 3 days.  They should be happy in their new home.

This is an area behind the coon release. Protected and isolated, it is a 40 acre meadow of blue stem grasses that has never been broken up and farmed. The present owner has vowed to honor the request of his late uncle to never break up the land. It is virgin land. Standing in this meadow there was an indescribable peacefulness to it. Just imagine what it was like hundreds of years ago. What and who crossed here. If this land could only tell its story. These are the kind of experiences that inspire art.