Yesterday I received a phone call about an injured Barn Owl near South Sioux City, NE. He looked in pretty tough shape. My first impression when I seen the owl was “look at those big yellow eyes and the long ear tuffs”. This is not a Barn Owl. Luckily I had the phone number on my cell phone for Raptor Recovery Nebraska. From there the owl was transported to Eagle Nebraska.  Hopefully he will regain good health and return to the wild.  The mission of the Raptor Recovery Nebraska is to provide care and support for injured and orphaned raptors in preparation for release. On the Iowa side you can contact Wildlife Lodge and Clinic for injured or orphaned animals and birds. Both organizations are comprised of a network of volunteers who are passionate about their work, caring for the lives of animals and birds. Thank you to all who volunteer and support these organizations and facilities for wildlife. The heart of nature.