Here is the original photo (winter squirrel) of a squirrel who visited one of the bird feeding stations outside of the studio.

I watched him a few days earlier hanging from a near by tree branch looking the situation over. He never made an attempt to get to the feeder then.  So I just figured he would not try.  Maybe it was to risky.  It is not often  that a squirrel is that close to the buildings since it is very wooded here.

On this particular winter day I was surprised and excited to see he figured out how to get in the feeder.  This squirrel only visits on rare occasions. I won’t see him or her again until next winter, maybe.

It was a photo opportunity.  Now it is a painting opportunity.  So this is what is in progress and on the easel now:

Here is the beginning stage of drawing and shifting things around; trying to get a feel of where the painting is headed.

The second image shows more adjustments made. I am not sure what is going to happen with the background, so I am trying a lighter value. We will see what happens from here.

In this third image I bring the squirrel more to the front. The background needs more work to give the feeling of placement, and those decisions need to be made here real quick, before doing any more work on the squirrel.  The finished piece will be up soon!


Update on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 by Deb Copple

Here is an update on this painting.  There is still more work to be added to the piece, but for the most part it is getting closer to the look and feel that I want. The students from my pastel painting class at the Art Center had some constructive feed back on this painting, which I appreciate and will put to use. However, my studio space is temporarily shut down because of construction. At the moment I am setting up where there is any open space in my home. It is not pretty in here right now. Art supplies, books, frames. paint, it is every where.   Anxiety could set in, but a person has to keep a visual of what is to come, plus remember where I packed the essential art materials that I need now! The new studio is going to be awesome and that helps to keep me focused. Photos of the studio progress will follow.